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Audio Art har siden 1989 været importør af ProAc højttalere

Alle ProAc-modeller er på lager til demonstration efter aftale.

Et mindre udvalg af følgende højttalerfabrikater kan også opleves hos os:
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  • Wilson Benesh
  • Vienna Acoustic
ProAc Studio 100
Denne kompakte standerhøjttaler sås på markedet første gang allerede i 1990. Når den stadig produceres, er det først og fremmest, på grund af efterspørgsel fra indspilningsstudier verden over. Den indgår dermed som standartværktøj i masser af studier og bruges til kontrolaflytning af de færdigmixede indspilningers kvalitet m.hensyn til dynamik, perspektiv og klangneutralitet. Højttaleren kan anbefales til stuebrug i forbindelse med et anlæg god kvalitet.

A resounding success with audiophiles internationally since its launch in 1990, the Studio 100 is also consistently selected by top recording engineers for near-field monitoring in major studios -ample testimony to its overall sound quality and neutrality at monitor reference levels.

Few compact loudspeakers offer such a clean uncoloured performance and remarkable transparency. With virtually flat frequency response and negligible distortion, the Studio 100 is one of the most accomplished compact performers on the market today.

The bass unit is unique. Manufactured exclusively for ProAc, it has a particularly linear motor assembly, superb magnet and chassis construction and a special centre pole plug. When precisely tuned in the cabinet this driver gives an incredibly natural bass quality and definition, combined with generous power handling.

The tweeter is a featherlight one-inch soft dome unit, once again specially manufactured for ProAc. Made from a new impregnated fabric, the dome itself is exceptionally light in construction giving the Studio 100 a distinctively uncoloured and transparent high frequency.

The high quality crossover network marries the two drive units seamlessly giving a spacious soundstage with almost tangible imagery. Only the finest components are used and the speaker is wired throughout with our own high-quality multi-strand wire. The cabinet itself is made from a composite material with walls of differing thicknesses and a new and more efficient heavy damping material ensures that the cabinets are practically inert.

Although the Studio 100 can be shelf-mounted, high mass stands with good rigidity are preferable for optimum results. The full potential of these thoroughbred designs will only be realised through the use of the highest quality partnering equipment.
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ProAc Studio 110
At ProAc we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing high quality loudspeakers with an open and natural sound. Although we are aware of changes in the market place we are not influenced by every new fashion, and design new models with longevity in mind.

The Studio110 is a new stand mounted design which replaces the Tablette 2000 and is ideal for high quality 2 channel audio. The cabinet houses a new bass driver and tweeter with front porting allowing for use as rear surround speakers in a home cinema system, as well as being excellent 2 channel speakers in their own right.

Cabinet/Drive Units: The Studio 110’s strengths lie in a very rigid and well damped cabinet and a slim baffle with offset tweeter to aid dispersion and to match the other speakers in the Studio range. The bass driver is very similar to the ones used in the Studio 130 and Studio 140. This is loaded by a front mounted port, endowing the bass with a faster, cleaner and more powerful quality. The new 1” dome tweeter is the same as that used in the Studio 130 and Studio 140. The new drive units are seamlessly mated by a new high quality crossover network which is split to allow for bi-wiring and bi-amping. The Studio 110 is an ideal partner for the Studio 130 and Studio 140 in home cinema systems, and is also exceptional in a pure 2 channel system.

The new front ported Studio 110 gives an exciting open sound with greater efficiency whilst retaining the natural sound for which ProAc is renowned.
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ProAc Studio 130
The Studio 130, a development which has taken 2 years to bring to fruition. The results speak for themselves.

The cabinet has been redesigned with a slimmer baffle to aid dispersion and rigidity, and the new bass driver is now floorported. This bass driver has a new chassis and motor assembly and this, in conjunction with the floor porting, gives a faster, cleaner bass.

A new (25mm) 1? dome tweeter replaces the old 3/4? dome. This dome is similar to those used in our higher end models. The two units are mated seamlessly by a new crossover network. This is split to allow bi-amping and bi-wiring. Every aspect of the Studio 125 has been improved on the new Studio 130. The sound is now nimble, faster and more open with greater efficiency and more detail whilst retaining the natural sound for which ProAc is renowned.

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ProAc Studio 140
The Studio 140 is an all new model from ProAc. This new speaker offers higher efficiency, greater bass power and a larger sound stage. High build quality and the normal ProAc refinements are, of course, included as standard at a very competitive price.

The Studio 140 is effectively damped and has been designed with a slim baffle which aids dispersion and rigidity. The 2 new bass drivers are floor-ported and feature a new chassis and motor assembly. This, in conjunction with the floorporting, gives immense bass power with a fast and tight nature. A new (25mm) 1” dome tweeter, similar to those used in our high-end models, takes pride of place at the top of the Studio 140 cabinet.

The drive units are mated seamlessly by a new crossover network. This is split to allow bi-amping or bi-wiring. The Studio 140 is ideal for those requiring greater efficiency, higher power handling, powerful clean bass and open and detailed mid range. It achieves all of this together with the natural sound for which ProAc is renowned.

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ProAc Response TriTower
For the last 2 years ProAc has been developing a tall, very slim loudspeaker with audiophile sound quality and home cinema power. The cabinet, measuring only 1100mm x 140mm x 170mm houses a three way design using high tech drive units. In true ProAc tradition this enclosure is floor ported for bass quality and room placement.

These very slim speakers have awesome power, unbelievable bass quality, slam and timing. Each speaker has three 41/2” bass drivers, the cones of which are made from aluminium with a special coating to damp resonances. They have a piston like action ensuring deep, powerful and clean bass response. The drive units are seamlessly mated together with a brand new multi layer crossover design.

The midrange, using the same cone as the fabled Response 1SC, is housed in its own enclosure. This is to stop any interference from the bass drivers, and the 1” silk dome tweeter is placed between the bass and midrange drive units.

The Response TriTower has true high-end sound quality, it is also an excellent match with the ProAc Hexa system and all other ProAcs for home cinema use, ideal for standing each side of a flat screen.

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Response Satilite
A compact, quality satellite speaker that generates the whole frequency range except for low bass.

Each speaker houses a recently designed 4 1/2 inch midrange/bass driver which utilises the same cone material as one of our most expensive, two-way stand mount designs, the much loved Response 1SC. Complementing this is a special one inch soft dome tweeter, which uses a neodymium magnet assembly with a radial fin cooling system to give maximum dispersion and power handling.

The two drivers are harmonised through a high quality crossover network to produce a remarkably flat frequency response. The result is exceptionally accurate reproduction, in line with the very best mini-monitor performance. The Response Satellite is produced in a range of real wood veneers to complement other speaker components in a home theatre system.
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ProAc Response 1SC
radical refinement of the internationally acclaimed Response One ‘S’, the new Response One ‘SC’ takes miniature loudspeaker performance into a new dimension.

This latest model incorporates a sensational new bass/midrange unit, manufactured exclusively for ProAc. This driver features an innovative copper magnet and phase plug assembly which has produced startling sonic improvements, particularly in the midrange. Equally important is the introduction of a highly damped, completely transparent cone which marries extreme rigidity to exceptional lightness. The effect of this unique combination is a dramatic lowering of distortion together with a flattening and extension of the frequency response.

Housed in a highly damped cabinet, this dynamic bass/midrange driver, working in tandem with an equalised reflex port, produces exceptional bass extension with greatly enhanced soundstaging and detail. A modified high quality crossover network integrates the bass/midrange output smoothly with that of the dome tweeter, providing seamless reproduction throughout the entire frequency range. But perhaps the most important advance has been in the midrange area. The incorporation of this new bass/midrange drive unit has resulted in a smooth and expansive midrange, completely free of any colouration. Indeed, independent listeners have commented that this is midrange performance of electrostatic quality.

No expense has been spared in the design and construction of the Response One ‘SC’. The result is an outstandingly fast, powerful and accurate delivery combined with midrange quality seldom experienced from a box loudspeaker. Finished in a range of exquisite real wood veneers, the Response One ‘SC’ represents a milestone in compact loudspeaker performance at the highest level.

The full potential of these thoroughbred designs will only be realised through the use of the highest quality partnering equipment
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ProAc Response D2
ProAc loudspeakers have a reputation for exceptional sound and build quality. Our enclosures may look conventional but this hides the advanced technology required to build a rigid and well-damped cabinet. Our loudspeakers are made in our factory at Brackley, England. They are slim and elegant, finished in gorgeous real wood veneer.

With first class sound quality, you’ll be listening to ProAc speakers long after you would have become tired of a fashionable but poor sounding alternative. We are renowned for producing compact high-end speakers evidenced by both Tablette and Response 1SC which have become iconic over the years.

The Response D TWO is a new speaker in this fine tradition, designed for the finest quality music and giving true monitor performance. The cabinet is made from a heavily damped, thin-wall rigid birch ply carcass, with a 25mm back panel. The bass driver is new, using the same cone technology as the Response D15 but with a revised coil and magnet. The tweeter is the same 1" silk dome as used in other ProAc models and the drive units are seamlessly mated with an HQ network designed and built by ProAc. Sound quality from the D TWO is one of extreme transparency; a lush and potent bass response and a silky detailed high frequency. The D TWO also have a huge sound stage with pinpoint imagery. The speakers are designed to sit on high mass stands from 18" high depending on your seating position.
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ProAc Response D15
With its roots in the highly acclaimed Response One Point Five, this elegant new model delivers a heightened level of dynamic performance, adding greater weight and a lively muscularity to the musical experience.

At the hub of this improvement is our own new 61/2" bass/midrange unit. This driver has a radical new basket design for higher rigidity and a completely reworked magnet and coil assembly. Bass loading is achieved through a system which has never been used before in a Response range model. Four large conical feet support each cabinet, allowing the flared equalised ports to couple the bass output efficiently to the floor through the plinths. As a result this driver excels in areas of control, power handling, openness and midrange detail.

Through a sophisticated crossover network the bass/midrange driver is harnessed to the famous ProAc 3/4" soft dome tweeter, which has become renowned for its smooth, sweet and detailed sound.

As ever Response range build quality is outstanding. A high density MDF cabinet with walls of varying thickness is heavily damped with bitumen and lined with anechoic grade foam. Finished in real wood veneers, these superb cabinets are built to look good for a long time.

The new D15 is a remarkable fulfilment of the promise of cutting edge technology, producing a powerful yet refined presentation of music out of all proportion to the size of the cabinets. These are floorstanders with a beguiling musicality which will satisfy the most demanding of audiophiles.
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ProAc Response D28
To improve on the highly acclaimed Response D25 would have been a daunting task but for the development of a new, slim, elegant cabinet design giving greater dispersion and featuring side venting to give the lowest frequencies more power and authority. The faultless reproduction throughout the frequency range, which made the D25 such a world-beater, has been greatly intensified with the introduction of the Response D28.

The original bass driver and tweeter have been retained, but there the similarity ends. Still using the highly efficient and sensitive mid/bass driver custom built for ProAc, the crossover network has been further tuned to match the improved cabinet design and bass loading, resulting in a significant step forward in sound reproduction.

A slimmer front baffle aids dispersion and increases soundstage, whilst the new port and vented arrangements found on much more expensive ProAc floorstanders, give the bottom octaves greater feel and extension. This gives the D28 slightly more efficiency and good quality valve or class ‘A’ transistor amplifiers with an output as low as 10 watts per channel will produce fine results in all but the very largest of rooms.

These beautiful new speakers feature the traditional ProAc cabinet quality with high rigidity and heavy damping and are finished in a range of real wood veneers. The new plinth and vent design arrangement not only produce a quality of bass found in much larger speakers, but also offer a better interaction with the listening room, making cabinet placement less critical. The Response D28 offers superb sound quality with a detailed soundstage and natural, extended, powerful bass response. These sonic attributes, coupled with ProAc’s legendary open midrange quality, make the Response D28 a winner in its class.

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ProAc Response D38
Cabinet size is the only feature the Response D38 has in common with its predecessor, the highly regarded Response 3.8. Internally, everything has been changed to produce a dynamic new level of performance with vastly increased efficiency and sensitivity whilst retaining all the virtues of the earlier model. Good quality valve or Class A transistor amplifiers with an output as low as 10 watts will produce fine results from these exciting new loudspeakers.

The cabinets themselves, handcrafted and finished in real wood veneers, are extremely rigid and well damped to minimise colouration. Reconfigured internally with a new porting system similar to that used on the flagship D100 model, loading for the bass drivers is now provided through a large port which pressurises the air between the cabinet and the plinth, releasing the air through side vents. This method of coupling makes room placement less critical.

A new generation of extremely sensitive drive units has been introduced. Two new 6 1/2" polypropylene coated bass/midrange units, built by one of the UK's leading studio monitor manufacturers, sit either side of a radical new one inch soft dome tweeter. This tweeter, with an improved surround and frontplate and new internal damping combines seamlessly with the other drive units through a sophisticated HQC crossover network and ProAc oxygen-free wiring.

The resulting sound is one of tremendously dynamic speed and power, coupled with a finesse and smoothness which guarantees fatigue-free listening for extended periods. The enhanced sensitivity of the new drive units unearths the tiniest detail from any type of recording to provide a sublime and involving musical experience.
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ProAc Response D80
Spearheading the ProAc range for the last ten years, the imposing Response Fours have carved out their own exclusive audio territory at the very top end of two-channel and extreme home cinema performance.

Now ProAc introduce the Response D80 - a smaller and more affordable loudspeaker than the Four which nonetheless embodies a similar design philosophy and technical excellence. At the same time, the D80’s bring their own individual characteristics to bear, exhibiting a remarkable sensitivity and breathtaking dynamism. Driving these loudspeakers, low output valve and Class A transistor amplifiers will now be able to achieve their full potential.

Like the Fours, these new models feature twin bass drivers, twin midrange units and a soft dome tweeter. Critical drive unit placement on the baffle and an intricate and sophisticated crossover network harmonise these elements to produce a sound of immense vitality and authority. As ever with ProAc, build quality is unrivalled. The beautiful hand-crafted cabinets, finished in natural real wood veneers, are heavily damped to provide a solid platform for the sound.

The two studio quality eight inch bass drivers are mounted both top and bottom of the enclosure and are ported through both the bottom and sides of the cabinet to produce a clean bass response of great power and depth. Between the bass drivers are a pair of new two-inch midrange domes which excel in producing faster and more detailed midrange response with, in our view, much less colouration than conventional cones.

Centrally mounted, the new ProAc one inch soft dome tweeter is a revelation. Unusually, it incorporates a special roll surround and like the midrange units, a heavy duty, non-resonant front plate, to generate a remarkably sweet and highly extended treble response.

The true forte of the new D80's will always be pure two-channel applications, but their enhanced dynamics and sensitivity also make them ideal for the very best home cinema systems. Whatever the source material - vinyl, CD, digital tape or DVD, these exciting new loudspeakers will produce a highly detailed and satisfying listening experience that will delight for many years.
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ProAc Response D80r
The ProAc Response D80 is one of our most popular high-end loudspeakers. Fitted with professional quality drive units and crossovers. The enclosure is ridged and well damped and covered in gorgeous real wood veneer. The heart of the loudspeaker is the crossover, designed by Stewart Tyler to give the fabled ProAc natural sound.

There are however some enthusiasts who have preferences for different designs of tweeter to cover high frequencies. The ribbon tweeter (light as a human hair) is one of the most popular; these tweeters offer an alternative to dome tweeters.

The D80R also comes with a crossover upgrade to match the new ribbon. The end result is the D80R giving the same performance in the bass and midrange of the D80 but with the benefit of a ribbon tweeter.

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ProAc Response D100
The imposing new Response D100 takes on the mantle of flagship model from our legendary Response Four, which has delighted discerning audiophiles for the last twelve years.

Only the development of an entirely new generation of sensitive drive units has allowed the Fours to be eclipsed - these new drivers produce a much more dynamic sound with greater efficiency, giving high sound levels without the need for high output amplifiers. Good quality valve or Class A transistor amplifiers with an output as low as 10 watts will produce fine results.

Tall, slim, deep and elegant, these beautiful handcrafted cabinets, finished in real wood veneers, are exceptionally rigid. Cabinet colouration is kept to a minimum by covering inner surfaces with sound-deadening material, acoustic wadding and the use of resistive shelving. An entirely new porting system means that room placement of the cabinets is much less critical and the 100's will perform superbly in rooms of most layouts and sizes.

The innovative drive unit layout has ensured greater dispersion and a seamlessly integrated sound. Two new professional quality 10" bass drivers are mounted on the baffle either side of two exciting new 3" midrange units and a one-inch soft dome tweeter. Married by a complex HQC crossover network and connected by ProAc oxygen-free copper wiring, this formidable combination of drive units produces one of the most coherent and expansive sounds in modern hi-fi.

The D100's produce stunning music, effortlessly. The enhanced sensitivity extracts the tiniest detail from any recording without brightness or exaggeration. Greater bandwidth creates a huge soundstage, drawing in the listener and creating a concert hall experience, where the loudspeakers seem to melt from the scene.
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ProAc Response Satelite Center Chanel
This centre channel speaker uses identical drive units to the Response Satellite with the addition of an extra bass/midrange driver and larger enclosure. The Response Satellite Centre is produce Klik for stort billede....
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ProAc Studio Center
For over a decade, the ProAc Response CC1 has been a firm favourite for use in all makes of home cinema systems. During the design of the CC1, great care was taken in matching crossover frequencies and balance, not only for ProAc loudspeakers, but also for compatibility with other manufacturers’ products.

With the advent of higher dynamics, bandwidth and speech emanating from the centre, we decided to design a new centre channel which would effectively reproduce this extra information. The new Studio Centre Channel has taken two years to perfect. The cabinet is marginally bigger than the CC1 with two new bass drivers and is front ported as opposed to the rear ported design of the CC1. This allows for improved matching and placement, making the Studio Centre Channel a perfect match for the entire ProAc range. Careful crossover design has also meant that it is highly suitable for use with other makes of home cinema speakers, bringing an open and natural quality to centre channel reproduction.

The Studio Centre makes an obvious partner for the Studio 110/130/140 models. A 5 inch version of the 61/2 inch bass driver used in the Studio range was designed using a special coated pulp cone and partnered with a new version of the Studio range tweeter, incorporating a shielded magnet system which will prevent interference with CRT monitors.

Great emphasis was placed in the design process to produce a natural, open midrange with extra bandwidth for the music and sound effects reproduced by the centre channel. Efficiency and sensitivity have been improved over its predecessor and there is also greater bass extension and power.

In summary, the ProAc Studio Centre Channel is a perfect match for our Studio and Response ranges or any good quality system where an excellent, compact centre channel is required.

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Response D CenterChanel
Following the successful release of the ProAc Response D range we have designed and built a new centre channel to match these high-end dynamic transducers. The new Response D Centre Channel is a radical new design delivering greater bandwidth, higher sensitivity with dynamic, yet smooth and open performance. Since most of the dialogue and an increasing proportion of sound effects are relayed through the centre channel, the priorities in this design have been greater bandwidth and dynamics with minimal voice colouration. At the hub of the new Response D Centre speaker is a special shielded version of the bass driver found in the D25 and the D38. This unit is a bespoke ProAc driver built to studio quality specifications.

These exciting new drivers offer lower resonance, which means the cabinet dimensions can be decreased slightly.

The cabinet is very rigid and heavily damped and the new bass drivers are loaded by a front equalised reflex port. The tweeter is one of our most expensive silk domes, it comes with a low resonance aluminium front plate and is similar to the tweeter used in our higher end models. The tweeter gives an exceptionally smooth and detailed sound making it ideal for extended listening in home cinema. These superb new drivers are linked seamlessly through a refined HQ crossover network. The overall result is a centre channel which can handle anything with high sensitivity, superb dynamics and the usual ProAc natural sound.

It is capable of fitting in any home cinema system where high output and accuracy are high in demand. Available in a range of real wood veneers the Response D Centre Channel is available for demonstration through your nearest ProAc dealer.
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ProAc Subwofer ER1
For ProAc, the development of a sub-woofer has only recently become a priority. In our opinion early designs blurred detail and imagery in stereo systems. We felt that it was only with the advent of the more compact active sub-woofers with their own electronics and filters that matching capability and sound quality were improved, but we still did not feel the need to produce our own unit.

Lately however, particularly with the increasing popularity of home theatre and with the success of our own ProAc Home Theatre system (Studio 130/ 140 front, Studio 110 rear, and the Studio Centre channel) we decided that it would be desirable to develop a high quality sub-woofer which would be a credible addition to sophisticated audio systems.

This first ProAc ER One (Equalised Reflex) subwoofer is an active unit with its own filters and internal amplification. Development has been a lengthy process. Our initial research indicated that drive unit cone material was a main contributing factor to sub-bass colouration. So a new carbon composite cone, developed a few years ago specifically for our Response and Future ranges, provided the perfect solution.

Characterised by a clean and uncoloured bass output, this new material was developed into a ten-inch cone specifically for the ER One. It was immediately found to have the necessary rigidity and internal damping to produce a clean and natural sound, complementing the output of the main loudspeakers rather than detracting from it. The drive unit is mounted in a compact enclosure of high rigidity and thickness, with damped inner walls and loaded by our unique equalised reflex port, as developed for our Response and Future models.

Naturally with the compatibility of the cone material and other design factors, this unit has proved to be especially successful with our own home theatre system, but extensive testing has also assured its effectiveness with other high quality home theatre and two-channel systems.

The ER One is a true ProAc thoroughbred and immediately raises the game in sub-bass performance; for an extra octave of bass in a twochannel hi-fi system or explosive weight and authority in a home theatre system the ER One is the one to beat.

Available in a variety of real wood veneers, this stunning new unit is available at your nearest ProAc de
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PtoAc Subwoofer Hexa
The small sub-woofer is immensely powerful for its size. It houses a heavy duty 8" long throw bass unit with fourlayer voice coil and titanium former for high power handling and efficient thermal dissipation. Fully active with a built-in amplifier and crossover network, it can be used for either 5.1 applications or two-channel audio. Klik for stort billede....
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